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This DVD is filled with never before seen footage of the Grandmaster teaching techniques, philosophy, forms and character of the art.  Color.  Approximate run time 35 minutes.

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Pleasant Hill Publishing was founded in 2009 and is located in Northern Colorado.  We specialize in the reproduction of authentic Kung Fu San Soo historical items.

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Jimmy H. Woo -

The Early Years

A book written by Bernice Chin Woo

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This 224 page book published by Pleasant Hill Publishing is filled with stories about the Grandmaster of Kung Fu San Soo during his early years in China.  With rare photos and some of Jimmy’s favorite recipes. Forward by Raul Ries.

Poster of Jimmy H. Woo as a young man.  This poster is 12” x 18” and suitable for framing. $25.00 includes S&H         

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